What is ADR-Technology?

ADR-Technology™  stands for Advanced Dielectric Resonance Technology and consists of a special preparation process of dielectric ceramic material using a classical ceramic as a basis. Applying the optimum conditions of this synthesis results in a ceramic material with a defined microstructure and specific dielectric characteristics in a frequency range of 5 -10 MHz.

The obtained ceramic material is a double-phase composite containing ceramics characterized by low frequency dielectric anomaly. The anomaly results in a very strong absorption of an alternating electric field. This absorption increases with decreasing frequency of the field. The effect is obtained due to a presence of a special water solution being introduced into the porous structure of ceramic material.The modified ceramic material is produced according to ADR-Technology™ under the pending patent number 06461003.3.

ADR-Technology™ restores physical properties of water, which initiate changes in the human body and improve enzymatic and metabolic processes on molecular level. Water becomes highly reactive due to its lower surface tension (without use of chemical substances) and increased relaxation time of water molecules.

As a result of these changes, human body is able to absorb and dissolve minerals and nutrients carried by the water at much higher and more efficient rates and thus, increase and balance energy level of individual organs and entire systems. In addition, ADR-Technology™ has been proven to significantly increase of scavenging free radicals in tea made with water process by Shopure® ECO or Shopure® PLUS filtration system or modules which consist of ADR-Technology™ component.