Why use shower filters?

Chlorine in drinking and general use water is the cause of major health problems.  You should install a shower filter for the following reasons:


  • The EPA has stated that every household in the United States has elevated levels of chloroform in the air due to chlorine released from showering water.
  • Tap water often contains at least as much, if not more, chlorine than is recommended for use in swimming pools.
  • More chlorine enters the body through dermal absorption and inhalation while showering than through drinking tap water.
  • The chlorine in showering water has harsh, drying effects on skin and hair.
  • Skin pores widen while showering, making dermal absorption of chlorine and other chemicals possible.
  • Chemicals in showering water vaporize at a much faster rate than the actual water. Thus, the steam in a shower contains a much higher concentration of chemicals than the water itself.
  • Chlorine in showering water can cause rashes and other skin irritations when absorbed by the skin.
  • Inhaled chemicals make their way into the bloodstream much more quickly than ingested chemicals, without the added filtration benefits of digestion.
  • More water contaminants are released into the air of a home from the shower than from any other source.
  • Chlorine is a suspected cause of breast cancer. Women suffering from breast cancer are all found to have 50-60 percent more chlorine in their breast tissue than healthy women.
  • Using a shower filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Showering in filtered water results in greater respiratory health by reducing the risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation.
  • Showering in chlorine-free, filtered water decreases the risks of bladder and breast cancer.
  • Children, who are particularly at risk of the harmful effects of chlorine inhalation, benefit especially from the removal of chlorine from showering water.
  • As chlorine is the leading cause of fatigue, showering in filtered, chlorine-free water results in higher energy levels and overall greater health
  • Removing chlorine from showering water results in better air quality throughout the house.
  • Without the drying effects of chlorine, skin becomes softer, healthier, and younger looking.
  • Removing chlorine from showering water reduces the presence of skin rashes and the appearance of wrinkles
  • Because the hair is able to preserve its natural moisturizing oils, it becomes softer and healthier when chlorine is removed from showering water.

When the body is able to retain its natural moisturizers, the need for costly lotions and moisturizers is greatly reduced.