Our AquaTest Lab Division, has the state of the art water quality testing equipment that are capable of conducting full detailed water quality testing and analysis.

We conduct comprehensive laboratory testing and analysis of;

  • Drinking water
  • Waste / effluent water
  • Industrial water
  • Boiler and cooling/chiller water

The water samples are tested for the following parameters

  • Full physical chemical analysis
  • Full bacteriological examination
  • Effluent / wastewater discharge analysis  including BOD, COD, Oil and Grease etc
  • Jar test and chemical dosage determination
  • Individual parameters testing

We offer;

  • Site assessment visits
  • Water sampling services
  • Free sterilized sampling bags and containers
  • Timely and accurate results
  • Free professional water treatment advise and consultation
  • Excellent customer service

 Our equipment in the lab are the latest including HACH DR 3900 spectrophotometer, DR2400 spectrophotometer, autoclave, incubator, BOD digester etc.

AquaTEST Labs abide to both local and international standards including KEBS, WHO, USEPA , EC Directive 98/83/EC.
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